WD-40 Low Odor Smart Straw

The latest edition from a world-renowned brand: WD-40 Multi-Use Product now comes with a less overpowering aroma & the same performance. Working with WD-40 is even easier with this new, almost fragrance-free formula.

Ideal for use indoors, such as in the home, office and in the car, it is the same multipurpose product that has more than 2,000 uses and is specially formulated for users who are sensitive to smell.

- LUBRICATES: Lubricates all types of moving parts effectively such as door hinges, wheels, chains, gears, etc.
- BREAKING OUT INTO STICKED PARTS: Removing jammed components. Loosens the bond of rust to metal and Helps remove rusted, stuck or stuck metal components.
- CLEANS: oil, grease, tar and glue, and peels off labels, plasters and stickers easily and again can chrome shine.
- PROTECT: Protects metal from corrosion and against moisture.
- REMOVAL MOISTURE: Repels moisture and avoids electrical components in engine or vehicle short circuit caused by humidity or flood.